What is Flexible Staking Promotion?

Users need to lock assets, but users can stake or unstake at any time during the activity period. once

unstake assets, users are required to wait for a redemption period (usually set it as 1~3 days).

Can I Get Rewards From the Redemption Period?

When the user chooses to redeem the flexible position, there is no local currency income and POL mining income during the redemption period.


How to Participate in Flexible Staking Promotion?

1. Log into your KuCoin account, click [Earn] - [KuCoin Earn], scroll down the page and you will see the [Promotions] section, and click the button to enter the [Promotions] page.



2. Choose [Flexible], here you can see the flexible staking products we support, estimate reference annual yield, redemption period, quota, status and date, choose your desired flexible products, and click [Subscribe]. Read the content on the page carefully, enter the amount you want to stake, and click [Subscribe].



3. Once you subscribe to the flexible staking products successfully, you can check the staking history at [Assets] - [Financial Account] - [Promotions]. The staking rewards of the staked assets and POL mining rewards will be settled daily and issued the next day to your Funding Account.


4. If you want to unstake your assets, click [Redeem], you will be required to wait for a redemption period (usually set it as 1~3 days, please refer to the time on the page), and the assets will be returned to your main.

Note: During the redemption period, no staking rewards of the staked assets and POL mining rewards will be generated.


APR Tiers:

In order to continuously optimize the user's experience, the KuCoin Earn platform has launched the "APR Tiers" function to provide users with different levels of APR with different subscription amounts.

Details about APR Tiers:

1) The tiered interest rate currently only supports Staking Flexible and Flexible Promotion products, while other products are not supported.

*The current products available for APR Tiers include USDT Flexible Promotion and USDC Flexible Promotion.

2) For products that support "APR Tiers", the characters "APR Tiers" will be displayed on the product display page, and the detailed content of the "APR Tiers" will be displayed on the product subscription page.

3) The assets subscribed by users will accumulate interest according to the tiered APR.

Example: The APR Tiers level of USDC Flexible Promotion is 3% for 0-1,000 USDT; 1.5% for >1,000 USDC.

The interest is calculated at 3% for the subscribed amounts of 0~1,000 USDC, and the interest is calculated at 1.5% for the subscribed amounts of 1,000~10,000 USDC. The final interest received by the user is the sum of the two steps. The Daily Interest Formula: User’s Daily USDC Interest = 1,000/365*3% + (10,000-1,000)/365*1.5%

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