What is Fixed Staking Promotion?

Users need to lock their tokens to get rewards, during the “subscription period”(usually set it as 2 days or 3 days), users can stake to participate in, and the staked assets are allowed to redeem in advance orw

Can I Get Rewards During the Subscription Period of Fixed Products?

During the subscription period of fixed products, there are no staking rewards and POL mining rewards since the subscription is not counted as staking.


How to Participate in Fixed Staking Promotion?

1. Log into your KuCoin account, click [Earn] - [KuCoin Earn], scroll down the page and you will see the [Promotions] section, and click the button to enter the [Promotions] page.



2. Choose [Fixed], here you can see the coin/token we support, estimate reference annual yield, staking period, quota, status and date, choose your desired fixed staking product, and click [Subscribe].


Note: During the staking period of Fixed products, users are not allowed to redeem in advance before the deadline of the staking period. Users can trade the staked assets on Earn Exchange to get asset liquidity (The trading on Pool-X Exchange will be unavailable 24 hours prior to the end of the staking campaign).


3. Once you subscribe to the fixed staking products successfully, you can check the details at [Assets] - [Financial Account] - [Promotions]. The staking rewards of the staked assets and POL mining rewards will be settled daily and issued the next day to your Funding Account.

Note: During the subscription period, no staking rewards of the staked assets and POL mining rewards will be generated.


4. Your staked assets will be automatically redeemed on the redemption date and returned to your Funding Account, you can check the account details.


Redeem Fixed Products Early:

In order to bring a better experience, the KuCoin Earn team has now launched the Early Redemption Function for Fixed-Promotion products. The current Fixed-Promotion products available for early redemption includes ADA-14D, USDD-7D, USDD-14D, and DOT-60D.

Please note: If the users choose to redeem their subscribed Fixed-Promotion product in advance, the actual redemption amount will be returned to the Funding Account. The actual redemption amount is the total asset to be redeemed, deducting all distributed rewards obtained for the subscribed assets during the promotion period.

Actual Redemption Amount = Subscription Amount - Distributed Rewards Amount

How to redeem fixed products early:

  1. Open your ‘Financial Account’ page, select the product you need to redeem in advance, and click ‘Early Redemption’.80NRPzEgQ631djUKF6oP7SSDrH9kFa8FtlNkNJpEv.jpg
  2. Confirm the redemption amount and click ‘Confirm’. Your redemption amount will be redeemed to your account in 10 minutes.
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