Source and Distribution of Revenue

Source of Revenue

During the subscribed period, you can obtain double rewards, of which the savings can obtain the corresponding income as long as the corresponding assets are held and calculate the income in the compound interest mode, and Staking, Burningdrop, locking activities, ETH2.0 In addition to the interest income corresponding to the position or the locked asset, POL mining income can also be obtained.


Distribution of Revenue

There is no saving function in the financial account, and the income is settled daily and issued on T+1 days. The daily income will be recorded to the corresponding assets of the financial account, of which the daily income and POL income of the user's participation in the staking, hedging activities and the POL income will be issued to the savings account every day; Savings is the corresponding currency of the assets held, and the compound interest mode is directly transferred to the corresponding assets of the financial account, and the user can redeem it at any time.

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