Pledge KCS, USDT, ETH to hedge positions for different periods, so as to obtain new coins on the exchange.


How to Participate in BurningDrop?

1. Log into your KuCoin account and click [Finance] - [KuCoin Earn] - [Burning Drop] - [Subscribe].



2. Choose the coin and amount you want to stake during the subscription period, input your trading password, and then click Stake button.

Note: There is a minimum amount and hard cap required for staking. If the amount is lower or higher than that, you won't be able to stake. Meanwhile, please read and ensure that you fully understand the rules before participating in the activity.


3. Once you stake successfully, you can check the details at [Assets] - [Financial Account], and the revenue will be distributed to your Funding Account.



4. At the same time, during the burning acceleration period, you can burn POL to increase your computing power and get more coins.


As the number of burned POL increases, the rewards of each POL burning may gradually decrease. You can enter the number of burned POL on the burning page to test the available acceleration computing power. Please burn rationally.


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