How to Use Isolated Margin Trading(Web)

Here’s how to use the Isolated Margin mode on KuCoin margin trading when accessing your account through our website: 

1. Enter the Isolated Margin Page

Log in to your KuCoin account and click Trade →  Margin Trading

isolated 1.png


Click Margin on the upper left corner and select an isolated trading pair such as BTC/USDT.

Click the Isolated Margin in the lower right corner to switch to the isolated margin mode. 

2. Transfer Collateral to the Isolated Margin Account

Click Transfer to transfer collateral to or out of your Margin Account. 

In the “Transfer” pop-up window, select the Isolated Margin account and the trading pair you want to trade (such as BTC/USDT), select the Coin (USDT or BTC), enter the Amount, then transfer funds to the corresponding isolated margin account. 

3. Borrow Funds From the Funding Market

Click Borrow to borrow funds. 

In the “Borrow” pop-up window, choose the Coin to borrow. Enter the Amount and click Confirm

 4. Margin Trade (Buy Long/Sell Short)

Take longing in the BTC/USDT trading pair as an example.  

  • Trade: borrow USDT from the Funding Market to buy BTC. 
  • Close the Position: When the BTC price goes up, sell the BTC you bought before back for USDT. 

PS: You can also select Automatic Borrowing or Automatic Repayment to carry out Margin Buy or Margin Sell

 5. Repay Loans

After realizing your profit, you can repay your debt (amount borrowed + interest) by clicking  Repay

In the “Repay” pop-up window, select the Coin and enter the Amount to repay, then click Confirm

6. How to Close Your KuCoin Isolated Margin Account 

To close an Isolated Margin account on KuCoin, ensure all open positions are closed and all borrowed funds, along with any interest owed, are repaid. After settling these obligations, you can proceed to withdraw or transfer out any remaining balances in your margin account.

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