Why Was My Futures Order Canceled?

When trading on KuCoin Futures, you may encounter one of the following circumstances that could lead to the cancellation or failure of your orders:


1. The order is canceled by user. / Stop Order Cancel: cancel stop order setting.

  • Circumstance: The order was manually canceled.
  • Cause: The user canceled their placed a limit or stop order before the trigger. For example, Mike predicts that the price of BTC is going to fall, so he places a limit buy order at $40,000. However, the price of BTC never drops to $40,000, so Mike cancels the order to free up funds for other trades.

2. Executed the preset IOC.

  • Circumstance: Cancelation of the unfilled part of an IOC order.
  • Cause: An Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order will cancel any orders that cannot be executed immediately. Any part of the order that cannot be filled at the specified price and amount will be canceled.

3. Executed the preset PostOnly.

  • Circumstance: Cancelation of a Post Only order.
  • Cause: Limit orders in Post Only mode are not immediately executed in the market. When a Post Only order is executed, you will receive a maker fee. If the Post Only order is about to immediately execute with an order in the market, it will be automatically canceled. For example, if you place a buy order at a price higher than the market price, the Post Only order will be canceled after placement.

4. No contra order in the market.

  • Circumstance: There is no matching order in the market.
  • Cause: Market orders may be canceled due to sharp market volatility.

5. The position is taken over by the liquidation engine.

  • Circumstance: The position was taken over due to forced liquidation. All open orders of the position will be canceled.
  • Cause: When the position margin cannot meet the required maintenance margin, the position will be taken over by the liquidation engine. All open orders of the position will be canceled.

6. No position opened, the close order is canceled.

  • Circumstance: If you have no open positions, any orders placed to close positions will be canceled.
  • Cause: Orders to close a position that has already been liquidated are automatically canceled.

7. Batch Stop Order Cancel: Position Liquidation.

  • Circumstance: Orders canceled due to liquidation.
  • Cause: When a position is liquidated, any associated take profit and stop loss orders are automatically canceled in batch.

8. No contra orders in the specified price range.

  • Circumstance: There is no matching order in the 5% price protection range.
  • Cause: KuCoin Futures has a price protection range. The price of a buy order cannot exceed mark price + mark price * 5%. The price of a sell order cannot exceed mark price - mark price * 5%. Orders with prices that have exceeded this limit are canceled to manage position risks.
  • Reminder: In the case of severe market fluctuations, to control trading risk and protect the interests of traders, KuCoin Futures reserves the right to modify or change the price range of the trading pair without prior notice.

9. Order margin insufficient.

  • Circumstance: Cancelation of triggered stop order due to insufficient position margin.
  • Cause: When the market price of a take profit or stop loss order meets the trigger price, the orders will be triggered as limit or market orders. If the balance cannot cover the position margin required when triggered, the order will be canceled.

10. The position is being auto-leveraged (ADL).

  • Circumstance: Cancelation of orders due to ADL.
  • Cause: All open orders (including the stop profit/loss and limit orders of current positions) will be automatically canceled when ADL is executed.

11. No-margin-frozen position size exceeded the current position size.

  • Circumstance: If the remaining position size is less than a reduce position order, that order will be canceled.
  • Cause: If the position size of a triggered reduce order is higher than what could be filled, the remaining size of the order will be canceled. Suppose User A currently holds a 10-lot long position and places an 8-lot “Reduce Only” short order, after which the user closes 5 lots of the position (for 5 lots of long positions remaining). In this situation, the original 8-lot “Reduce Only” short order will be canceled.

12. Batch Stop Order Cancel: Position change to 0 or reverse side.

  • Circumstance: When the position size reaches 0 or reverses, the order will be canceled.
  • Cause: When the position is closed, or a user submits a filled order for a reduced position, and the quantity exceeds the current size, causing the position to reverse, any take profit/stop loss orders of the position will be automatically canceled.

13. No Margin Size Larger Than Position

  • Circumstance: The no-margin order does not share the same position size as the held order and was therefore canceled.  
  • Cause: The portion of a contra order that is less than or equal to the position size is a no-margin order. If the user places a contra order when holding a position, the no-margin order will be canceled if the position size differs. 
  • For Example: 

1)  Mike is holding 10 lots of a long position, then opens 15 lots of a short position as the contra order. This means that Mike has 10 lots of a no-margin order. When the contra order is triggered where Mike has closed 5 lots of the long position, then the 10-lot no-margin order will be canceled. 

2) Lily is holding 10 lots of a long position, then opens 8 lots of a short position as the contra order. When the contra order is triggered where Lily has closed the entire long position (the holding position size is 0), then the 8-lot contra order will be canceled. 

Operation failed, please try again later.

  • Circumstance: When liquidation, ADL, funding fee settlement, adjustment of user risk limit, or Futures brawl takes place, the user’s order will be canceled.
  • Cause: If a user places a BTC perpetual/USDT contract order while one of their BTC perpetual/USDT contract positions is being liquidated, the order will be canceled, and this cancellation notification will be displayed.

The leverage cannot be greater than 5.

  • Circumstance:1) National regulations restrict users to 5x leverage or below as they have not passed KYC verification.
    2) The initial or position leverage has exceeded the max leverage as defined by the risk limit (The risk limit is 1 by default).
  • Cause: When users place an order, KuCoin Futures will calculate the maximum available leverage according to their selected risk limit. Assuming that a user holds a LUNC perpetual/USDT contract position, and their current risk limit is 50,000 USDT; according to KuCoin Futures risk limit requirements, the corresponding maximum leverage is 5x. If a stop-loss order at 10x position leverage is triggered, the order will be canceled as it has exceeded the maximum leverage.  


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