FAQ for KuCoin Trading Bot

Q: Do I need to pay for the trading bot? 

A: You don’t need to pay for it, it’s totally free.


Q: How is the trading fee calculated for trading bots?                                                                           

A: Spot strategy trading bots: Enjoy a 20% discount on the Maker/Taker fee rate of LV0 fee level.   
Futures Grid: A fixed trading fee rate of 0.06%.                                                                                          
The KCS deduction‘KCS Pay Fee' is no longer supported. And the trading fee does not apply to the VIP level. Trading-Bot-Trading-Fee-Rules 


Q: Do I need to keep the App running in the background?

A: No. The trading bot operates in the cloud and does not rely on the operation status of the App. 


Q: Why I can not close the trading bots?

A: When closing the trading bots, these open orders would be canceled and the position would be converted to the corresponding coins, then go back to your account, so it needs some time to process. Especially, it may take a longer time to close trading bots if the position is large or under large price fluctuation.


Q: I did not close my spot grid bots, but why they do not work anymore?

A: If your spot grid bots run out of the price range, then it would not execute any open orders. But it would be activated and execute open orders again once the price come back to the price range.  As long as you do not close your spot grid bots, they would not be closed. And they may be also closed if it triggers the 'stop loss' or 'take profit'. 


Q: What can I do if there is still assets under my trading bots account after I close them?

A: Please contact the KuCoin customer and provide the account UID and related information. 


Q: How many bots I can create for my account?

A: Currently, you can create ten trading bots for one KuCoin account. 


Q: Is it possible for us to create trading bots through API?

A: Currently, it is unable to run the trading bots through API. 


Q: Can I create trading bots with my sub-account?

A: The sub-account is unable to create the trading bots. 


Q: Is it possible to modify the parameters for my running bots?   

A: Currently, it supports the running bot to modify parameters, add investment amount, set/cancel take profit and stop loss, set price alert (only for spot grid/future gird), customize Bot name (can be modified up to 3 times), etc. You may refer to the bot details page for more information. 


Q: What can I do if I can not open the trading bot page or get the error?  

A: Please check the below instructions: 
1. It may be the APP version issue, please check your APP version and upgrade it to the latest version; 
2. Try to clear the cache of your APP or restart it; 
3. You may try to enter the trading bot page via the Trade page and the Trading bot on the APP homepage. 
4. Reconnect your network or open bots via the website. 


Q: What is the profit of the trading bots?

A: Spot Grid/Infinity Grid: Grid Profit + Floating PNL
     Futures Grid: Grid Profit + Floating PNL+Funding Fee
When the Grid Profit is unable to cover the floating PNL (and the funding fee), you would get loss. It is recommended to run the trading bots for a long time. 


Q: As I see that this bot gets profit, why do I get back less base currency after closing the bot?

A: When you create a trading bot, it is supported to invest both the base coins and quote coins of the trading pair. If you create the bot with the base coin, you may get less base currency back when closing this bot if the price of the base currency raise, that is because the value of the base currency becomes higher, but if you calculate it with the USDT value, it is profitable. 


Q: How is the minimum investment amount calculated for the trading bots?

A: It depends on the market performance and the current trading pair's popularity. 


Q: What can I do if there are no open orders or abnormal open orders for a running bot?

A: It may be because of the large price fluctuation in a short time, we suggest that you may try to re-edit the current parameters, then this bot would place orders again. KuCoin has also been enhancing server performance in an effort to improve user experience.


Q: I’m a novice and don’t know about trading strategies, is the trading bot suitable for me?

A: Of course yes, AI parameters are tailored for you.


Q: I’m experienced and have my own trading strategy, is the trading bot suitable for me?

A: Definitely. You can customize the parameters to trade in your own way.


Q: Are my assets secure?

A: Yes, they are. They always stay safe.


Q: Are my assets still in my account while operating the bot?

A: Yes, your assets are in the Trading Bot account.


Q: How can I tell the Trading Bot account?

A: All the accounts named after “ROBOT+Number” are Trading Bot accounts.


Q: Can I operate the Trading Bot account by myself?

A: It’s not recommended to operate by yourself because it may influence the operation of the trading bot.


Q: Will the trading bot transfer my funds to other people?

A: Absolutely not. Your funds will always be under your control.


Q: How many people have earned profits through the trading bot?

A: You can check the LeaderBoard, actually there are lots of people who have already made profits. 


Q: Are the profits shown in the LeaderBoard true?

A: Yes. All the data showed there is real.


Q: I have my own trading strategy, can you help me achieve that for free?

A: Certainly. Please contact customer support in the community. You don’t need to pay for it, it’s totally free.



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