How to deposit fiat currency via Advcash and buy crypto from balance (APP version)

Step 1: Download the KuCoin App and log into your account. 


Step 2: Complete KYC verification. 


Tap the avatar to enter your profile page. Tap ‘KYC Verification’ and follow the instructions to complete the KYC2 process. (Please make sure you complete the KYC2 verification before using Advcash. This step is mandatory) 


Step 3. Select RUB to deposit and complete the payment. 


3.1 Go to ‘Assets’ >> ‘Deposit’ >> ‘Fiat currency’, and select RUB to deposit. 


3.2 Tap ‘Advcash’ deposit method, then enter the amount of the RUB you want to deposit. Tap ‘Deposit’



3.3 After confirmation, tap ‘Continue’, login your Advcash  account with email and password process the order. If your deposit failed, please tap ‘Retry’



Note: You will be redirected to the Advcash website to confirm your deposit transaction. Enter your login credentials or register a new account. Please note, Advcash may apply additional fees for initial deposits of fiat currencies to your Advcash wallet. 


3.4 If you have problems with the payments, please submit your deposit request again, and select ‘View Details’ to check the order status. 


Step 4: Users can convert fiat deposits into crypto on the ‘Buy Crypto’>>’Fast Trade’ page. You can use your Kucoin Account ‘Balance’ to directly purchase crypto assets such as USDT. 


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