KuCoin Trading Bot has three grid strategies: Spot Grid, Futures Grid, and Infinity Grid. Before running the bot, the user selects AI parameters or customizes specific parameters such as price range and No. of Placed Orders. 

What is the No. of Placed Orders? 

Take the Spot grid as an example, the bot uses an equal grid to divide the price range from the lower grid limit to the upper grid limit equally, and the price difference in each grid interval is equal (for example, 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on). The price between grids is called Grid Profit. 

No. of Placed Orders: divide the interval upper price and interval lower price into corresponding shares. 


Does having more No. of Placed Orders better? 

When the number of grids is larger, it means that the grids in the price range are denser. In this case, the small amplitude of the currency price may also be captured by the bot, and the grid profit can be obtained by buying low and selling high. But please also know that the more grids, the lower the profit of a single grid. 

While the smaller the number of grids, the rarer the grids in the price range, and the higher the profit of a single grid. It takes a longer time for the bot to run in order to get rich grid profits. 

Therefore, the number of grids should be set according to the currency and investment preference. It can't be generalized. The more grids, not always, the better. 


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