KuCoin Futures Paper Trading Guide: Close All

The Close All feature is now live on KuCoin Futures paper trading, currently supported on the web. This feature allows you to close all the open positions in a single click when facing extreme market conditions. Use the Close All button to close all open orders at the market price.  


In the Positions section, Close All can be found above the Limit and Market buttons. 


When you select Close All, a pop-up window will display to confirm the operation: Are you sure you want to close all the positions at the market price? 


  • [OK] When you select Confirm, all of your open positions will be immediately closed at the market price. 
  •   [X] Click [X] if you have changed your mind.  
  • [Do not show again] Select this to disable confirmation pop-ups for Close All. You can disable this prompt from Settings > Notification > Pop-Up Window > Close All. 



  1. Close All will remain available even if Current Contract Only is checked or if the current number of positions is 1.
  1. Close All is applicable to perpetual contracts with different settlement currencies. If you choose to Close All in USDT-margined perpetual contracts, all open positions of both USDT-margined perpetual contracts and COIN-margined perpetual contracts will be closed. Close All will close all your open positions, be it USDT-margined ones or COIN-margined ones.
  1. The risk limit level does not affect Close All. The Close All feature will close all open positions at the market price. It will not be affected by risk limit level.
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