How do I Send and Receive Red Envelopes?

In East and Southeast Asia, a red envelope (or red packet) is a monetary gift given during holidays like the Chinese New Year or special occasions such as weddings. KuCoin has introduced the Red Envelope feature to allow users to send and receive crypto gifts.

It is believed that red envelopes will bring you fortune and good luck! This article will show how to send and receive crypto red envelopes.


1. How to Send a Red Envelope?

2. How to Receive a Red Envelope?

3. FAQ

1. How to Send a Red Envelope?

1. Tap the Red Envelope icon on the right lower corner of the assets page on your KuCoin app to enter the settings page.

▶ Don't have the KuCoin app? Refer to How to Download the KuCoin App


2. You can customize your red envelope from this page. There are two types of red envelopes - Random and Fixed Amount.

With a Random Amount, if you assign 100 USDT to 100 red envelopes, all the recipients will receive a red envelope with a random amount of USDT. For instance, one could receive 0.1 USDT while another receives 3 USDT. With a Fixed Amount, all red envelopes will receive an equal share (1 USDT).

  • Total Amount: The amount of funds you want to assign to the red envelopes.
  • No. of Red Envelope (s): The number of red envelopes you want to send.
  • Nickname: The name shown on the red envelope to let your friends know that it’s from you.
  • Cover: The appearance of the red envelope
  • Greetings: A few kind words to deliver along with the red envelope.
  • New Users Only: When enabled, only new KuCoin users will be able to claim the red envelope.


3. Once you have configured all the settings, click Send Now to create your red envelopes. Copy and send the message to others or click the buttons provided to share the red envelopes via social media, SMS, or email.


2. How to Receive a Red Envelope?

1. When someone sends your a red envelope, you will receive a corresponding message.


2. Copy the text on your phone and open the KuCoin app. The app will read your clipboard and automatically detect a red envelope. Once the envelope is detected, just tap Open to claim it.

You can also tap the link in the message or copy the message into the KuCoin website on your computer to open the red envelope.



  1. Assets assigned to red envelopes will be frozen once the red envelope is created.
  2. Check History on the red envelope page to view your send and receipt history.

3. FAQ

1. How many red envelopes can be sent at the same time?

You can send up to 2000 red envelopes at the same time.

2. What will happen if the red envelopes are not claimed?

If red envelopes are not claimed within 4 days, the funds will be returned to your account.

3. Can I use red envelopes to invite new users to KuCoin and earn a referral bonus?

Yes, new KuCoin users who sign up after claiming your New Users Only red envelopes will be considered pack of your referrals.

4. Why does the red envelope not pop up after copying the message and opening the app?

Ensure that the red envelope code is valid. You may not be able to claim the red envelope if it has been marked for new users only. If clipboard permissions have been disabled for the KuCoin app, then the red envelope will not be detected.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support via online chat or submit a ticket.

Happy trading on KuCoin!

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