How to Trade on KuCoin Futures Lite?

KuCoin Futures Lite is a simplified version of the current KuCoin Futures platform and aims to improve the Futures trading experience and minimize the complexity over the trading process to make Futures trading easier and smoother. >>Check the fee on KuCoin Futures.


Layout Overview

Trading Guide

1. Log In & Sign Up

2. Enable Futures Trading

3. Buy Crypto / Transfer

4. Place Order

5. Holdings

6. Sell

7. Liquidation


Layout Overview


1. Market:

On KuCoin Futures Lite, you’re available to check the real-time Futures product price, market movement and trends via the market graph.

2. Futures Data:

Different from the current KuCoin Futures platform, KuCoin Futures Lite provides a call/put ratio over the current market and a profit calculator to predict you're possible earnings over the trades. Moreover, the earning ranking and individual earning history is also available for you to check directly on the interface.

3. Trading Operation:

Except for basic trading features, KuCoin Futures Lite has integrated the crypto purchase, funds transfer, order placement as well as the Futures selling in the trading interface.


Trading Guide

1. Log In & Sign Up

Sign Up: If you do not have a KuCoin account, please click “Sign Up” for registration. 

Log In: If you’ve already had a KuCoin account, you can log in directly to start the Futures trading.



2. Enable Futures Trading

To enable the Futures trading, please click the button “Enable Futures Trading” and tick “I Have Read and Agree” to proceed with the operation. If you’ve already enabled the function, you can trade Futures directly after login.


3. Buy Crypto / Transfer

1)If you don’t have sufficient BTC on KuCoin Futures Lite, you can click “Buy Crypto” and purchase Bitcoin via the P2P Fiat Trade platform or the Buy Crypto service, then transfer the funds from your KuCoin-Funding Account to KuCoin Futures Account to start the Futures trading.


2) If your Bitcoin assets are on another platform, you may click "Deposit/Transfer" and deposit the BTC to your KuCoin-Funding Account, then transfer BTC to KuCoin Futures Account to start your Futures trading.


3)If you’ve already had Bitcoin assets on KuCoin, click "Deposit/Transfer" and transfer BTC from your KuCoin-Funding Account to KuCoin Futures account to start the Futures trading.


4. Place Order

On KuCoin Futures Lite, you can go long or go short the Futures based on the practical market trends. When placing an order, you need to enter your trading amount and select the leverage you plan to apply. The leverage is utilized to multiply your earnings. The higher the leverage is, the greater the earnings you will have and so does the losses you will have to bear. Please be prudent of your choices.


5. Holdings

On KuCoin Futures Lite, if you have placed an order successfully, you can check the profit and loss of your current holding Futures.

Holding Amount: The total Futures value of your current positions. Currently, the “Holding Amount = Order Amount + Earnings” on KuCoin Futures Lite.

Earnings: The floating profit and loss of your current holding positions. If positive, you are long. If negative, you are short. The earning percentage refers to the PNL/Order Amount ratio.

Entry Price: The average entry price of your holding Futures.

Liquidation Price: When the current Futures price is lower than the liquidation price, your position will be liquidated, (that is, your Futures will be taken over by the liquidation system).

Stop Loss: Click this button, you're able to set the Profit/Loss Rate to Take Profit or Stop Loss. It's recommended to use this function because Futures always has high risks if the leverage is high.


6. Sell

If you want to sell the Futures, click “Sell/Short” and confirm the operation to proceed When the Futures selling is completed, the order placing will again become available. You can check “My Earnings” to check your earning history.


7. Liquidation

If the “Stop Loss” feature is not enabled, when the liquidation price is triggered due to large price swings in the market, the system will sell your orders automatically and you will receive a notification as follows:




KYC users in restricted countries and regions cannot open Futures trading;

Users with IP addresses in restricted countries and regions cannot open Futures trading;

Users in our blacklist cannot open Futures trading.

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