What is AMPL?

Ampleforth is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. The teams are from Google, Uber, PWC, EY and other companies. They graduated from the top universities in the United States. The company's consultant team comes from Stanford, Harvard and Silicon Valley/blockchain investment institutions. Ampleforth (code AMPL) is a brand new cryptocurrency. Due to its unique and innovative protocol mechanism, AMPL not only has the same commodity asset class properties as Bitcoin and gold, but also has a token supply that can be deflated with market inflation. characteristic.

Official Website: https://www.ampleforth.org/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I-NmSnQ6E7wY1nyouuf-GuDdJWNCnJWl/view

What is Rebase?

According to the requirements of the AMPL white paper, AMPL will adjust the token supply according to market dynamics, which means that the amount of AMPL you have will change according to market conditions.

What impact does Rebase have on KuCoin users?

KuCoin will have a fixed time period (approximate time: Around 10 o'clock(UTC+8) to adjust the AMPL amount every day. The main impacts of daily dynamic changes on KuCoin holding users are:

1. AMPL holdings in the account will change dynamically: including Funding Account and trading account.

2. During this period, the deposit, withdrawal, and trade will not be available.

3. During this period, If there is an AMPL sell order, the system will automatically cancel the order when the adjustment should result in a reduction in the AMPL quantity.

4. During this period, if the rebase ratio is positive, the withdrawal will not be affected. If it is negative, the withdrawal order will be automatically canceled. The ongoing deposit during this period might be affected by the rebase.

5. The changes in the user AMPL quantity can be checked in the Funding Account and trading account details.

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