Advanced Mode: Order Types

In Advanced Mode, you can choose Time in Force, which determines how long an order stays active before it's executed or expires. Time in Force options include:

1. Good Till Canceled (GTC): Your order stays active until it's filled or canceled.

2. Good Till Time (GTT): If your order isn't filled within a specific time frame, it will be automatically canceled.

3. Immediate or Cancel (IOC): Your order is instantly executed if possible. If not, it will be canceled, and any unfilled portions will not go into the order book.

4. Fill or Kill (FOK): This option ensures your order is fully executed immediately; otherwise, it will be canceled.

Advanced setting.png

Please note: If you don't choose a specific Time in Force option, the system defaults to Good Till Canceled (GTC). If you enable Post-Only, only the GTC and GTToptions are available.

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