As the crypto industry continues to evolve, KuCoin noticed a growing demand for better management of multiple exchange accounts. KuCoin allows you to create Sub-Accounts under one Master Account to improve the efficiency of account management.

Master Account Tier (Fee Tier) Maximum Number of Sub-Accounts
LV 0 5
LV 1 5
LV 2 5
LV 3 5
LV 4 10
LV 5 15
LV 6 20
LV 7 25
LV 8 30
LV 9 35
LV 10 40
LV 11 45
LV 12 50

This article outlines how to create a Sub-Account and explain how they differ from your Master Account.


1. How to Create a Sub-Account

2. Sub-Account Functionality

3. The Relationship Between the Master and Sub-Accounts


1. How to Create a Sub-Account

Step 1. Go to and click Account Overview Sub-Account on the header.


Step 2. Click Create Sub-Account, fill in the name, password, and remarks (optional) to proceed. The name of the sub-account must be unique and cannot be modified once created.



2. Sub-Account Functionality

In general, Sub-Accounts CAN do the same things as the Master Account, including:

(1) Login


(2) Transfer of funds


(3) Configuration of security settings such as Google 2FA and trading password


(5) Creation of APIs (10 per sub-account)


(6) Trading in the KuCoin Spot, Margin, or Futures market

However, there are also a few things a Sub-Account CANNOT do, including:

(1) Withdrawal of funds.

You must transfer funds to the Master Account to make a withdrawal.

(2) Participate in most events and campaigns on KuCoin as specified in the activity rules.


3. The Relationship Between the Master and Sub-Accounts

(1) Sub-Account Creation

You can only create the Sub-Account under your Master Account. Each Master Account can create up to 100 Sub-Accounts.

(2) KYC & Trading Fee Tier

The Master Account and all Sub-Accounts share the same KYC level and trading fee tier. This means that you do not need to submit KYC Verification again if the Master Account has already done so. All the trading volume and trading fees will be accumulated in the Master Account.

(3) Security Settings

The Master Account has the right to freeze & unfreeze all Sub-Accounts and change security settings such as the password, trading password, and Google 2FA.



(4) Master Account Rights

The master account has absolute control over the sub-account, and can control the creation of the sub-account and the transfer of funds.


We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support via online chat or submit a ticket.

Happy trading on KuCoin!

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