[Spot Grid] Introduction to Parameters

Spot Grid is a trading strategy that seeks profit from market fluctuations by positioning buy orders and sell orders.

The system will place buy orders when the price drops and sell orders when the price climbs over the base currency at set intervals around the set price to profit from the market trends.

Spot trading is not affected by human factors and exactly by programming. Grid trading will create orders at incrementally increasing and decreasing prices to make profits from the volatility by grasping the market dynamics. In doing so, individual investors will gain profits from the price gap on the market. 

How to Use Spot Trading

Spot Trading uses AI parameters by default, and the trading bot will set the parameters for you based on your historical data. You only need to select the trading pairs and set the amount and click “Create”, then you can start earning profit.

If you prefer your own strategy, just switch to “Customize Parameters” and specify your preferred parameters. The parameters are as follows:


Min. Price: The minimum price that you set for buying in. If the market price drops below this price, the trading bot will stop buying in.

Max. Price: The maximum price that you set for selling out. If the market price climbs higher than this price, the trading bot will stop selling out. 

The “Min. Price” and the “Max. Price” composed the price range of the spot trading.

No. of Orders Placed: Total number of placed sell/buy orders. It is used to calculate the interval and positions in grid trading. Interval = (Max. Price - Min. Price)/No. of Orders Placed. 

Suppose we’re going to trade BTC/USDT, if the Min. Price is 8,000 USDT, the Max. Price is 12,000 USDT, the No. of Orders Placed is 4, then the Interval is (12,000-8,000)/4=1,000. Then, the maker price will be 8,000 USDT / 9,000 USDT / 10,000 USDT / 11,000 USDT / 12,000 USDT, 5 positions in total.


Total Investment: The amount that you intended to devote in spot trading. When spot trading is enabled, the system will automatically transfer the funds you intended to devote from your Spot account to the Trading Bot account. After the trading, the funds in the Trading Bot account will be transferred back to the Spot account. Transfer between accounts do not need trading fees. Please make sure that there are enough funds in your Spot account for spot trading.

Stop Price (Advanced Settings): It indicates the minimum price that one is willing to sell the base currency. When the preset price of the base currency is lower than the Stop Price, the trading bot will automatically sell out the base currency to stop losses.

Entry Price (Advanced Settings): It indicates the price you intended to buy the base currency. The trading bot will automatically buy in a certain amount of base currency at market price by default. You can designate the trading bot to buy assets at the price you want by setting the “Entry Price”. 


How to Check the Profit from Spot Trading?

After enabling the trading bot, you can check the operation details in “In Operation” on the menu bar. The operating indicators are as follows:

Grid Profits = Price gap between grids * Purchase amount of the grids * No. of the filled orders

Floating PNL = (Market price of the base currency - Avg. price of buying in) * Holding amount of the base currency

Total Profits = Realized profits + Floating PNL

APR = (Total profits/Total investment) / Days of operation * 365 days

*For BTC/USDT, BTC is the base currency and USDT is the quote currency.


Now you’ve learned much about Spot Trading, start and try it now!

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