M (Mobile) Station——Have Fun with KuCoin by visiting the Mobile Site!

💥KuCoin M(Mobile) Station is now online💥

  Visit   https://m.kucoin.com via Mobile Browsers

Easily add M Station to your Home Screen without downloading the App


What are the advantages of M Station?

M Station is compatible with most mobile browsers. You can use this feature by visiting KuCoin. Simply add it to your home screen to make it easy to open and enjoy the fun of trading. Also, you can log into multiple accounts by adding M Station to the home screen using different browsers.



To add M Station to your iOS home screen, visit the site using your mobile browser and our system will pop up the notice “Click 'Share' below to add to Home Screen (View Tutorial)”. Kindly press that pop up notice, click on the “Add to Home Screen” button and confirm by clicking “Add”.




To add the M Station to your mobile device's home screen, visit the site using your mobile browser.

1. Our system will pop up a window that says 'Add to Home Screen', click on it and press the “Confirm” button to add the M station to your home screen.


2. Alternatively, go to the personal information page, look for the option “Add Site to this Desktop”. Complete the steps to add the M station to your home screen.



How to Use KuCoin M (Mobile) Station

Step 1: Register/Login

M Station supports both registration and login for KuCoin. You may login to your account using your phone number or email. Press the “Send Code” button. You will receive the verification code on your inbox.



Step 2:Fast Buy Crypto

1. Press the “Fast Buy” button (You can watch the video “How to Buy Crypto in 50s” before operating).

2. Choose the token you want to buy (only USDT and BTC are supported as of the moment) and fill in the amount. Do not forget to press the “Mark Payment as Paid” button once the payment is completed.

3. Once you complete these two steps, the related tokens will be transferred to your account.

Tip: M Station currently only supports Fast Buy orders. Please download the KuCoin App if you want to make Fast Sell orders.



Step 3: Transfer

Right now, M Station can only support the transfer between the Main Account and Trading Account (You may watch the video called “Easy Fund Transfer Operating”). Meanwhile, the assets from Pool-X, Futures and Margin Accounts are visible. 

Tip: As M Station currently only supports transfers between the Main account and Trading Account, please download the KuCoin App if you need to transfer between other accounts.



Step 4: Trade

To trade via M Station, kindly check the How to Make a Trade on KuCoin page and follow the steps on how to place an order. (You may watch the video “Easy Crypto Trades” before operating)

Tip: M Station currently only supports crypto trading, and only Limit and Market order can be placed at this time.

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