How to Subscribe or Redeem KuCoin Leveraged Tokens?

You can use USDT to subscribe or redeem the leveraged tokens on the page of KuCoin Leveraged Tokens by clicking “Subscribe” or “Redeem”.

Enter the amount of leveraged tokens that you want to subscribe or redeem, and then click “Confirm”

1. For subscriptions, your subscribed tokens will be credited to your Trading Account. Subscription fees will be deducted directly from your USDT savings.

2. For redemptions, your redeemed tokens will be transferred to your Trading Account in the form of USDT.



1. You can subscribe or redeem leveraged tokens in the primary market. The upper limit of daily subscription or redemption for each user is 30,000 USDT, however the limit may be adjusted according to the market.

2. The system will charge 0.1% as the subscription or redemption fees.

3. Prices of subscription/redemption are determined by the results of execution, thus there are uncertainties over time and price. Please be prudent of your trading decisions. 

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