Deposit Did Not Arrive at KuCoin

**Please confirm that the recipient's address belongs to KuCoin and the address is correct. If you have input a wrong address or transferred a token that isn't listed on KuCoin, your funds won't arrive and KuCoin cannot help recover them.**

1, There is no record in the blockchain or TXID (transaction ID).

It is recommended that you contact the support from the sending platform as it is likely possible that your transfer was unsuccessful. If your transfer is successful, there will be a TXID (Transaction ID).

2, There are records in the blockchain, but the number of confirmations is insufficient.

Deposit transactions are automatic, but the transfer will need to be confirmed by the blockchain. Your funds will be automatically deposited into your account after sufficient confirmation. Please be patient and wait for the required number of confirmations.

You can check the number of confirmations required for your deposit via the following sites:

BTC blockchain:

ETH blockchain:

NEO blockchain:

LTC blockchain:

3, The transfer has been confirmed but still hasn't arrived.

If you have received enough confirmations for your transaction, please try checking your account again in 2-3 hours. Sometimes, there can be delays in the time needed for our system to record your deposit.

If you still haven't received your deposit after the allotted time frame, please contact our online support and provide the following info:

  1. The recipient's address and TXID (transaction ID)
  2. The type(s) and amount(s) of coin(s)
  3. Your email address on KuCoin.


If you deposit ERC20 tokens or NEP-5 tokens to KuCoin with another ERC20 or NEP-5 token's address directly, your deposit will not arrive. Please be sure to apply for the corresponding wallet address of the token under "Assets-Overview-Deposit". After the application is successful, your assets will be credited within 1-2 hours.

If you have made a deposit to the wrong address, there are several circumstances that may occur:

1. Your deposit address shares the same address with other certain tokens:

On KuCoin, if the tokens are developed based on the same network, the tokens’ deposit addresses shall be the same. For example, tokens developed based on the ERC20 network like KCS-AMPL-BNS-ETH can be seen in a similar fashion to tokens that are developed based on the NEP5 network: NEO-GAS. While this may seem to be confusing, however, our system will automatically identify the tokens, so your transfer won't be lost. But please be sure to apply for and generate the corresponding tokens wallet address when entering the corresponding token deposit interface before you proceed with the deposit. Otherwise, your deposit may not be credited. If you apply for a wallet address under the corresponding tokens after the deposit, your deposit will arrive in 1-2 hours after you apply for the address.

2. The deposit address is different from the token’s address:

If your deposit address does not match the wallet address of the token, KuCoin may not be able to help you recover your assets. Please check your deposit address carefully before depositing.


In such cases that you accidentally deposit BTC to the Omni USDT wallet address or deposit Omni USDT to the BTC wallet address, we can try to retrieve it for you. However, the process takes time and risk, so we may have to charge a certain fee to get it fixed. Also, the process can take up to 1-2 weeks. Please contact our online customer service and provide the following information:

  1. The type and amount of the coin:
  2. Wrong deposit address (please indicate what coin it belongs to):
  3. The correct deposit address and the screenshot of the address:
  4. The transaction hash (TxID):
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