Frequently Asked Questions About KuCoin Futures (Part 1)

Q1: Where can I find some tips and guides about KuCoin Futures?  

A: Welcome to KuCoin Futures! With these, you can get quickly get started with KuCoin Futures: 


📕  Newbies Must Read - Ultimate Guide to Profit in Futures Trading 

📗 Enable Futures Account & Trade in Only 10 Minutes (Web_Lite) 

📙 Enable Futures Account & Trade in Only 10 Minutes (App) 


Q2: What is the fee structure in KuCoin Futures?  

A: At KuCoin Futures, if you provide liquidity to the books, then you are a ‘Maker’ and will be charged at 0.020%. However, if you take liquidity, then you are a ‘Taker’ and will be charged 0.060% on your trades. 

👉 For more details, check KuCoin Futures Fee Structure  


Q3: Does anyone know how and when the new coins will be added to KuCoin Futures 

KuCoin Futures supports mainstream tokens for trading, and users are welcome to vote for their favorite ones to get listed on Futures trading. There’s a CONSTANT collection program of suggested coins, and the platform will select the most suggested ones for a public vote. You can participate by filling in the form. 

Plus, the new contracts are added on a weekly basis. Users can also join our community to keep updated with the newly-added contracts and participate in our weekly voting. Join and have fun now: 


Q4: How do you play with Futures Brawl? How do you get a free bonus?  

Here’s a Beginner’s Guide of Futures Brawl, starting from how to start a game through to the tips and tricks to master it. Not only is there a prize pool for both Winning Streaks and Brawl Points, but also a Lucky Draw that offers an opportunity to win up to 1 BTC and an iPhone 12 Pro out there. Do not miss out!   

Above all, any new user to Futures Brawl will get a free bonus as it’s displayed in this video tutorial. 


Q5: What are the trial funds of KuCoin Futures? How do you claim it? 

As the name suggests, trial funds enable users to try out with Futures trading without investing any capital, which can effectively reduce the possibility of risking their own money. Not only can the loss be offset against the kind of start-up fund, but the profit generated from it can be withdrawn or transferred. The best thing is that it can be used for all Futures trading, no matter what type of contract.  

Right now, KuCoin Futures will airdrop up to 20 USDT of trial funds or trading fee deduction coupon to any user who enables the Futures trading! Enable Futures now and magnify your profits with zero cost. 


Q6: How to get free bonuses from KuCoin Futures?  

KuCoin Futures is offering bonus for newbies!  

Enable Futures trading now to claim the bonus! Futures trading is a 100x magnifier of your profits! Try now to leverage more profits with less funds! 

🎁 Bonus 1:

KuCoin Futures will airdrop bonus to all users! Enable futures trading now to claim up to 20 USDT of bonus for newbies only! Bonus can be used in Futures trading and profits generated from it can be transferred or withdrawn! For more details, please check KuCoin Futures Trial Fund. 

 🎁 Bonus 2:

Futures deduction coupon has been distributed to your account! Go claim it now! The deduction coupon can be used to deduct Futures trading fees of random amount. For more details, please check KuCoin Futures Deduction Coupon. 

*How to Claim?  


Tap into “Futures”---> “Deduction Coupon” in KuCoin app (or click here). 





Thank you for your support! 

KuCoin Futures Team 


Risk Warning: Please pay attention to the risk control of Futures trading. It is recommended that newbies control the leverage within 5x and set the Take Profit and Stop Loss on your position. 



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