Frequently Asked Questions About KuCoin Futures (Part 2)

Q7: How is the liquidation price calculated? Where do you check the liquidation price?

A liquidation is triggered when:

Collateral = Initial Margin + Realized PNL + Unrealized PNL < Maintenance Margin

On the position, you can easily find the "Liquidation Price".

KuCoin Futures adopts a sophisticated risk engine and liquidation model, you can find more details about the calculation of liquidation price in this tutorial.


Q8: Why does the leverage of position keeps changing?

To timely show the position PNL, the leverage being displayed is the actual leverage which will be affected by the floating PNL of the position.  

To be specific, when the floating PNL (namely, the unrealized PNL) is positive, the system will lower the actual leverage. However, when the floating PNL (namely, the unrealized PNL) is negative, the system will raise the actual leverage.  


Calculation of leverage: Leverage = Position value / Margin  

Calculation of floating leverage: Floating leverage = Position value / Margin pool  

Please note, Margin pool includes Margin and Unrealized PNL 


A. When user A earns profit, the unrealized PNLwill be positive. With the growthof PNL, the margin pool will become greater as well, which means the denominator of the formula becomes larger, and thus the leverage decreases. 

B. When user B bears losses, the unrealizedPnLwill be negative. With the decrease of PNL, the margin pool will also reduce, which means the denominator of the formula becomes smaller, and thus the leverage increases.  

The actual leverage of the position can be regarded as a barometer of the position risk. The higher the actual leverage is, the higher risk of liquidation would be and vice versa. If the leverage is high, please pay attention to the position risk. We highly recommend newbies to control the leverage within 5x. 

Find more details in this tutorial:

Newbies Must Read 02: Actual Leverage - Key of Controlling Futures Trading Risks


Q9: When it says position PNL is that profit/loss added or subtracted to the original position?

There are two types of PNL:

1.Unrealised PNL is also called floating PNL, which is the profit and loss of your current positions calculated based on the price gap between the average entry price and the mark price. By default, the unrealised PNL will change with the mark price on KuCoin Futures.

2.Realised PNL is also the PNL of partially closed positions or reduced positions, including the position PNL, trading fees as well as funding fees associated with the trading. The position PNL is calculated based on the price gap between the entry price and the close price.


Q10: What’s the difference between Margin and Futures trading?

Here is a comparison chart below for reference:

Margin Vs. Futures Contracts on KuCoin




Trading Direction



Effectiveness & Utilization of Funds






Open a position: Borrow funds and plance an order to trade

Open a position: Place an order to trade

Close a position:  Sell/Buy to close and repay USDT & interest

Close a position: Sell/Buy to close




Max. Leverage



Trading Fee




Position PNL + Debt

Only Position PNL

Funding Rate


Quarterly No; Perpetual YES


Q11: What is a Funding rate? How is it calculated?

The funding rate represents the difference between the price of the perpetual contract market and that of the Spot market. The larger the absolute value of the funding rate, the larger the difference between the two prices.

Funding can be calculated through the funding rate.

  1. USDT-Margined Contract

Calculation formula: Funding = Position value * Funding rate

Position Value =  Lots x Mark Price x Multiplier

  1. Coin-Margined Contract

Calculation formula: Funding = Position value * Funding rate

Position Value = (Lots / Mark Price) x Multiplier

The funding will be settled at 20:00, 04:00, and 12:00 each day (UTC).

When the funding rate is positive, holders of long positions pay for those of short positions. When the funding rate is negative, then vice versa.

Investors can close their long positions before the time of settlement to avoid paying the funding.The time at which funding fee payments are collected may vary by up to 20 seconds.  Funding is charged peer to peer between traders. Therefore KuCoin Futures will NOT charge any fees.


Q12: Can bots trade in Futures?

This feature has been officially launched already, and you can visit the ‘Trading Bot’ on the KuCoin App to find it. As shown below:


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Thank you for your support! 

KuCoin Futures Team


Risk Warning: Please pay attention to the risk control of Futures trading. It is recommended that newbies control the leverage within 5x and set the Take Profit and Stop Loss on your position.



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