Been locked out with no help for 3 weeks...

I've tried countless times and have sent in multiple documents and Ive have yet to have access to my account. How can I contact someone that will actually help me? Iv'e been asked to be patient countless times but no actual help. I emailed with Emilia, Janx and Kyle. No help. What am I doing wrong...

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  • Yeah same I have not been able to get any support for weeks, they email ask for info, I give them info and they never get back to me. Looking like going to have to contact a lawyer.

  • Aaron any luck? Is there hope? I've sent now everything in including transactions with email,  a video of myself with a dynamic code license you name it...

  • Well, I ended up going to the kucoin reddit, posting my issue asking for help, mod commented they would escalate the ticket. The email I got was worthless tho support staff was of 0 help and was clueless/

    I waited a couple of days and I whent back to reddit and I posted a 4 paragraph detailed in depth report of my last 20+ days of dealing with kucoin support and and posted in detail, dates and times, names of every support staff talked to and the entire conversation.

    I had a mod comment on it that they would look into it, shortly after I got a email saying my account features where unlocked.

    So go to reddit and complain loudly.

  • Hello,

    I'd like to have the possibility to trade with Kucoin but you ask me a trading password witch i lost.

    I sent you at lest 3 times my id and selfies with all information you needed.

    I am still wainting for help to get this password.

    I can't do any thing because you ask me a 2FA code that I have not also.

    It is impossible to stay like this more time.

    Can i hope for your help or should i foret about Kucoin.


  • I have the same Problem no support at all just automated emails and Bot-Chat. You never get connected to a human.
    Need to change my email. Sent them everything, but no response at all from a human.
    It's also not possible to delete an account.

    Verry disappointing, not existing customer support, this exchange is like this not to recomend at all.

  • Hi, the same problem.  I send them all required documents. No reply whatsoever, no 2-Fa code. I can not login. I hope this exchange is not a scam..

  • Meanwhile I could at least reach an admin via the kucoin telegram channel who forwarded it to support and they reacted..., problem still not solved but at least I got an answer.
    Be aware there are also a lot of fake admins who try to scam you buy sending you private messages and if you answer to them, they have your phone number, want you to go to diffrent sites...
    Make sure that in your settings nobody is allowed to see your phone number except your own contacts try to be as anonymos as possible before entering the channel... Ask in chat if an admin can help concerning support, because you don't get answers from them. Admins are marked as admin so you know, give them your case id that should be enough. They tell you when they forwarded it in the same chat. Don't start conversations in other channels don't allow other contacts to start a private conversation with you, block them instead and leave the chat as soon as you have the information that it was forwarded to the support...

  • please im locked out.. 

  • Same issue, for some reason my 2fa stopped working and I could not get a hold of someone to help me sort after I sent them the proper identification. Will reach out to Kucoin reddit.

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  • Hi guys,

    Have your problem been solved?
    I have similar problem in Dec. and cannot login at all.
    Kucoin Customer Support did not give any help, but saying to be patient.
    Did we find any way of escalation?
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    P.S. Who is Simplex? Is the customer support company for kucoin?
  • What's kucoin official reddit?

    I'm really devastated. My life savings is stuck with margin trade in it.

  • Reddit could not solve my case. My case was finally settled on Feb. 14 after conversation with customer support people. 

    The problem was that Google's 2FA had failed for some reason, and I just had to unlock it so that  I could log in. It took over two months (2021-12-09 to 2020-02-14).
    Customer support was so slow, they asked me to do things about it, but their instructions were so vague that they just repeated clichés. It was the worst customer support I've ever had. During this time, I also sent a message to the CEO of kucoin, but he did not reply.

    I am going to withdraw from kucoin to somewhere else.

  • My account is block please help me

  • Keep sending documents they say they ate not clear ? How much clearer is my face and ID??? Help


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