Third Party payment system has crashed - NO LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

Yet again, Ku Coin continues to let people down!

The 'Third Party payment system' has completely crashed, and the 'Fast Payment' option DOES NOT allow users to purchase in GBP's, so that would mean extra bank charges! 

No live customer support, and the 'Answer Bot' just sends you round the bend by continually asking you  the same stupid questions and starting over again! 

I want to buy a coin that launches tomorrow so now I can't, and my KYC was rejected! I'm really beginning to wish I had never joined Ku Coin now! I never he=ad any of these problems at Binance! They also usually have live customer support!


*** NB ***

Ku Coin (in its continued useless modus operandum) forced me to choose a topic, from a selection that never gave me a relevant subject heading...

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