Delay in getting 2-FA disabled in order to withdraw funds.

Lost the 2-FA and as a result am unable to withdraw funds. Would like 2-FA disabled and use user name, password to make deposits/withdrawals. Provided all requested information included deposit/withdrawal info, transaction history, etc to KuCoin support already and am still waiting on a resolution. Unfortunately, It is taking a very very long time in getting this issue resolved. Please help!

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  • me to now 4 days after submitting a request still no response after just making my account an running 27k in bots to now not be able to access my ku coin account..

  • me too. its 2 week that i lost my 2fa code and my problem has not been solved yet.

    why kucoin support is very poor?

  • I solved it switching 2FA to Phone SMS verification. I hope it will help you too! I'm Nesspepete on sotial networks if you want to say to me hello.

  • En Francais , quelqu'un peut-il m'aider ? J'ai viré 50€ sur le compte donné par Kucoin et j'ai oublié de mettre un code , ou numéro de liaison avec mon compte ?

    L'argent n'apparait pas après 3 jours (virement le 25/01 ....Que dois je faire ?

  • Yes I have exactly the same issue! Did it get resolved for you guys?


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