Having Trouble getting the App to start.

I installed the KuCoin app on my Android TV box, but when I try to run it I get a message about an "emulator"

(not any details just a frozen screen).

I got the device to add a 3rd screen to my computing (and to free up my phone from being needed for Google Auth 2FA )

This is the first time an android app hasn't worked as expected on it. When I searched the Set Top TV Box forums I found stuff about 

something called side-install but that seemed like a workaround that might be against the rules, so I'm asking the community before I

bother Official support.

Aradığınızı bulamadınız mı?

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  • I don’t work for Kucoin but I’d assume that it would be safe to use the app even as a workaround as long as 1 you weren’t changing the metadata of the add in any way that would “game the system” so to speak. What your referring to is basically an api token. But instead of having to operate the cmd/ terminal of a device you’re integrating the app with another service. 


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