SOLANA Deposit shows "processing" but not "Complete" after several hours

Hi Everyone - 

My solana deposit shows complete in solscan, but my account still shows it as "processing" after several hours and not available in my main account.  Usually my deposits have shown immediately processed and complete.  Are there any known issues with SOL deposits that are still not fixed?  I see that there was a wallet issue a couple of months ago.  Is there an option to have my SOL sent back instead to my Phantom Wallet?  

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  • I also have same problem I sent my solana 3 days ago but didnt arrive and no one help me. Please help us

  • The same here. I sent my Solana today for the morning and nothing yet.

  • I was able to resolve it very quickly by submitting a ticket and also going to the KuCoin Telegram group (make sure you are in the actual KuCoin telegram) and speakin with one of the admin/moderators.  You have to write them in the group and not message the admins privately.  You can give them your ticket number for KuCoin and they can assist with followup.  Once I did that, my deposit was processed within 30 minutes.

  • same here. I had open a ticket and hope they will answer me as soon as they can...

  • Same here. I’m really disappointed it’s almost 12 hours and I didn’t received it

  • I got it

  • Sent solana from Binance to kucoin day ago, nothing yet. Is Kucoin scam project?


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