Constant "Network errors" "Sell amount must exceed 0" and being logged out randomly

A couple weeks ago I had relentless issues using margin trading when it had worked as advertised previously. I submitted a ticket but haven't heard from a human yet. Tried selling a large portion of my SHIB holding cause I was up around $10,000 (that's a lot for me). Sell limits wouldn't show an open order when I'd enter them so I tried market sells which appeared to work. I'd slowly raised my margin as my debt risk was decreasing and I'd hedged 30k of a 60k margin on XRP at $1.01, had 10k on SHIB, and 20k in USDT, To my understanding I'd been able to take profits on SHIB and my debt ratio was below 80%. Well after being logged out a few times and getting a debt threshold warning, I attempted to pay some loan balance to at least keep things from liquidating, although my SHIB position couldn't have made my account fluctuate past my debt threshold either way. I encountered more mysterious errors and never could repay any loans. It liquidated my account taking everything. I'd be locked into an extremely solid position on XRP, be profiting well over $10,000, and still have my initial SHIB investment. Whatever happened was not normal, but I'm yet to hear back from support. I'm staying persistent with this one and any feedback is appreciated.

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