Error Message "upper limit for holding:$10,000 USDT" Can't Execute Buy Order

When I try to execute a buy order on the VET3S/USDT pair, I get an error message saying  "failed to place the order. Upper limit for holding:$10,000 USDT" Can't execute buy order on that pair, but can sell that pair and can buy or sell any other pair like normal. Please advise.

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  • Also have this problem. My limit is even lower: 5,000 USDT. No idea why, not even a support ticket on the problem answered this question (1394186).

  • If you're also dealing with Leveraged Tokens (3S or 3L) they all have a limit. Each coin is different but hey all seem to be between $5000 to $10000. You can only buy more if the price drops and the value of your coins goes below the upper holding limit. Took a month to get a reply from support and they still didn't answer the question I asked. Had to figure this out on my own. Hope this helps

  • It helps to understand! They should have this in writing, in the article where they are describing leveraged tokens.
    FYI. The leveraged tokens on FTX exchange does not have this limit. BULL and BEAR. They work great, but does not have some pairs I really like. NEAR3L and LUNA3L - would be superb - if only we could use them for more than 5 k. ;-)


  • Yeah I asked them to point me to a page or something that lists the limits for each coin, but never got a reply on that. Searched their site and didn't find anything there either. Just kind of figured it out buying different coins. You think NEAR3L and LUNA3L are about to pop?

  • Looking at LUNA, it keeps mooning, only dips down a bit when BTC drops, then straight on the same moon path again. NEAR has a more volitile curve, but is a great project. Two coins I believe in, worth keeping an eye at. Have good ratings on : as well. Good site for separating the shit coins from the real deal.


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