KuCoin doesn't return deposit money deposit to the previous KuCoin bank adress (changed this month)

Hello everyone,

I have transferred money to the KuCoin bank adress at 11 April, as I did the times before, but the money never arrived this time.

When I started to check what might have gone wrong, I have seen that KuCoin has changed the bank details from:

   IBAN / BIC: LT97 3780 0000 9130 8478 / TRYULT21XXX

   (as shown in the tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke5-T8C6zaI)

to the new bank details:

   IBAN / BIC: LT043780000037559251 / TRYULT21XXX


When I have contacted KuCoin, the put me on hold. Later they were asking me for more and more ID, passport, KYC, screenshots, bank details, ID confirmation of the issuer, Selfi etc. Till now I neither have received the money back to my bank account nor to the new KuCoin account.


Does anybody has the same issue and knows what to do? Contact the bank of KuCoin and my bank?


Thank you in advance!

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  • I have the same problem - SEPA Transfer on 11.April (2000€). I have now contacted support 3 times and I was always told it would be forwarded. but nothing happens...

    That is my first contact with KuCoin and iam completly shocked.


  • Dear deplomdoc,

    please contact me under ralbauer@web.de to discuss the follow up reg KuCoin.

    Thank you

  • Could the problem be fixed yet?

    I am in the same situation, I transferred money on April 8. The following week they changed their bank details and nothing happened so far, despite contacting the support. 

  • No, nothing happened. I have posted the problem on reddit and was contacted by KucoinMemberXXX (various numbers) pretending, to help me, forwarding to an "official chat". I guess, it's a scam. Hope still KuCoin to solve this problem.
    There are many of such cases mentioned on TrustPilot..

  • I have the same problem… I transferred 800€ to the old IBAN and I didn’t receive the founds…

  • Have your withdrawal function has also been frozen since then?

  • I can withdraw crypto but not fiat…

    This situation is really annoying…

    Btw, do you know anyone who has been able to recover the funds after transferring them to the old bank account number of KuCoin?

  • Today I got the money back which I transferred to the old kucoin bank account. There is hope^^


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