I closed a short position in futures, but my balance didn't update. Please help, anyone, thank you

I'm in urgent need of the funds. Can anyone please help me, I closed a short at a small loss, but my balance didn't update. I don't see it anywhere. Please help, anyone thank you

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  • Hi
    I closed a long in Futures too, but my balance moved to margin trade and is frozen there. I sent an email to the support center. Somebody called Shay came back with a saved answer asking me to refresh the page and reconnect the network. It didn't work. It's been 4 hours now that my money has been frozen.

    I guess there is a bug or something in kucoin. You need to send a request too. To my chagrin, there is no online chatting to get help from. The online chat is a robot giving you junk.




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