kucoin ROBBED ME for over $800 over 1/4 of my portfolio!! I have over 100 luna3s coins and they shut down the coin! they sent a message saying it would be shut down and money would be returned HOURS AFTER THEY STOPPED ALLOWING TRADING ON IT!! I have screen shots showing what it was worth when it was shutdown! OVER $800!! I emailed them multiple times and all i get is a bs automated message! luna3s and luna3l are coins created by kucoin!! it's 100% kucoins fault and they robbed me on purpose! i still have over 100 luna3s coins in my portfolio and it just shows lines where the prices should be and you can't click on it! i noticed they did this to me with other coins as well! what a cr@p way to treat customers! I'm sure im not the only one they stole from!! it took me so long work hard labor to make that $800+ and they just STOLE IT FROM ME DRAINING LIKE 30% OF MY PORTFOLIO!

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  • It's been weeks and still nothing!!


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